Michelle Shea Walker

Learn to Live Beautifully.

Hello there!

My name is Michelle Shea Walker. I'm an AADP certified holistic health coach & a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, but I prefer to call myself a happiness enabler.

Five years ago, my life looked quite different than it does today: my healthy glow was shrouded in constant acne, my energy levels were easily depleted, I became emotional at the drop of a hat, and my favorite snack was BBQ potato chip & Miracle Whip sandwiches. It wasn't until I switched to a healthier diet & started subtly shifting my thought patterns that I discovered clearer skin, amazing energy, & effortlessly sustainable happiness

Looking back, the changes I made were so simple, I just didn't know which direction to turn first. That's why I'm so happy to act as a guide for other who are unsure of what steps to take to improve their lives. 

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