Weekly Tarot Forecast: July 1-7

Bask in the warm rays of Gratitude. 

This week's tarot forecast predicts a bright start for the month of July, a fresh energy for the New Moon, & a calling out for more gratitude to strengthen your manifesting power. 

Weekly Tarot Forecast: The Sun
Why wait for your next vacation to soak up the sun when it's outside your door every single day? That same thought process can be applied to your feelings of gratitude this week. There are so many blessings surrounding your life on a moment to moment basis, The Sun card is a calling out for your remembrance of that fact, no vacation required. Take some time this week to bask in the rays of your own success, in friendship, in love, in career, and get truly grateful for the light that's shining down on you. Relax into that beautiful sunshine. Feel the warmth shine down on you and know that it's always there, you just have to stop and take notice. 

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