Weekly Tarot Forecast: July 22-28

Strength Comes in Many Forms.

Whether it you find strength in stillness or in intense physical action, there are many ways to embrace the energy of this week's tarot forecast card. Evaluate your many options in this week's video & intuitive writing: 

Weekly Tarot Forecast: Strength
In the waning light of last week's full moon, you may have found yourself more emotional than usual. Many hidden issues have been brought to light as of late and it's your choice to crumble under their weight or to use that weight to build upon your strength. Whether you're finding emotional strength in the face of hardship or simply recognizing the characteristics of strength that have been with you all along, this week brings an awakening of the lioness within. It's the perfect time to show the world exactly what you're made of, ask for what you want, and get rid of what you no longer need. I also urge you to remember that sometimes strength comes from softness. Put aside your ego to show compassion to those around you, thus strengthening your connection to the highest version of yourself. 

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