Weekly Tarot Forecast: July 8-14

Celebrate Good Times!

Come on, I had to. This week's card is too full of good vibes not to get a Kool & the Gang intro.
Check out what the Four of Wands has in store for the next seven days below: 

Weekly Tarot Forecast: Four of Wands
Do you feel the lighter energy in the air this week? That steady, sometimes arduous pace of hard work has paid off and you're finally seeing results. The Four of Wands insists that you get off the hamster wheel for a moment and truly celebrate your accomplishments this week. And here's the thing, your successes may not be big and bold with banners and confetti, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth a bit of appreciation. Gather with your good vibe tribe and throw a mini soirée for whatever goals come to fruition this week, big or small. 

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