Weekly Tarot Forecast: June 17-23

Feeling stuck?

This week's tarot forecast offers two options: change your destination or pick a different path. 

Check out the wisdom behind the Ten of Wands in this week's forecast video & free writing:

Weekly Tarot Forecast: Ten of Wands
Obstacles that keep us from what we want are rarely seen as blessings, but sometimes that's exactly what they are. As you stare at your destination from a distance this week, take this time out to ask yourself: Is this really what you want? What is it that you're trying to get to? Ultimately, every goal is an attempt to obtain a certain feeling. Are you hanging all of your hopes on the future for a shift in energy you could create right now in the present? No matter how fabulous the other side of the fence may look, it's not nearly as expansive as the world of emotions you have access to inside your heart. Remove the blocks within you by shifting your perspective and an open path to your desires will reveal itself. 

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