Weekly Tarot Forecast: June 24-30

Become the Mother of Reinvention.

It's time to prove you can hold your own at home and at work with this week's tarot forecast.

Make the most of your makeover by following the Mother of Pentacles' nurturing advice:

Weekly Tarot Forecast: Mother of Pentacles
It's time to step into your full potential, darling. Whether it be in creating a home that you can't wait to return to each night or a career that you're eager to awake for each morning, you're more established in your power than you realize. So take some time this week to reimagine what your dream life looks like both at home and at work. What sort of image do you hope to put out in to the world? What sort of world do you wish to return home to? Assess what needs a fresh coat of paint either literally or metaphorically and slather it on! Nurture your image this week, both inside and out, you never know how it might shift the way the world relates to you or how you relate to the world. 

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