Tarot Card Readings via Email

Tarot Card Readings via Email

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The ancient art of tarot reading is a form of divination used to give insight into your future. Michelle's interpretation of your cards involves intuitive advice side by side with thought provoking questions to help you seek further self-development within your circumstance. There are no negative readings, only cards that offer more opportunity for growth & healing. 

Card Deck Choices - Each tarot deck offers a different energy and perspective for your reading. Upon placing your order, please choose between the following:

  • The Wild Unknown - A grounded & earthy energy that's great for readings on situations that need more balance, stability, and rooting.

  • The Starchild Tarot - A highly spiritual & etherial deck best used when the situation calls for a little magical thinking & optimism.

  • The Zombie Tarot - A tongue in cheek, straight forward deck best used when you need to make light of a heavy situation without getting too caught up in sentiment.

  • Miracles Now Affirmations - A deck of mantras & affirmations best used in single & three card readings that must convey straightforward action in a limited amount of cards.

  • Intuitive Selection aka Pick for Me! - Not sure which deck is right for you? Let Michelle pick from the above selection (as well as a few not listed) which deck will best tell your story.

Spread Choices - Depending on the complexity of your situation, you can choose from one of three spread options:

  • Single Card - A one card reading good for giving a very general overview of the energy surrounding a situation. Best used for non-specific questions.

  • Three Card - A past/present/future spread good for giving insight in your current growth path towards the outcome of a situation. Good for both general & slightly more specific ponderings.

  • Five Card - A five-card compatibility spread to recieve insight into relationships of all kinds. Your energy + their energy creates a specific set of benefits, lessons, and life purpose.

  • Ten Card - A full Celtic Cross spread, perfect for getting a birds-eye view of the entire situation, those involved, and how to proceed for the best possible outcome.

  • Thirteen Card - The Annual Spread includes a month to month forecast for the entire year plus a single card to define the theme of the coming year. Perfect for New Years resolutions or birthday gifts or celebrations!

Within one week of your order, you'll receive an email containing:

  • a beautiful image of your cards

  • Michelle's interpretation & advice for your spread

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