Vegans Taste Better Accessories


Originally coined as the title of Michelle's former food blog, Vegans Taste Better still remains a cheeky phrase to advertise your plant-based pride when placed on a t-shirt or mug. 

Get nostalgic with the original strawberry fairytale logo on your favorite color of American Apparel tee 

Or embrace your taste for something new by sipping your almond milk latte from the recently redesigned mouthpiece mug.

Designs conceptualized and created by Michelle Shea Walker.

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The first in the Health is Beauty eBook series, More Than a Pretty Face contains Michelle Shea Walker's favorite secrets to unlocking clearer, glowing skin. 

A certified holistic health coach & long-time acne sufferer herself, Michelle has cleared her skin several times over through diet & self-care practices and now she wants to share her secrets with you! 

Read all about Michelle's skin story, what works for her, and why it matters more what you put IN your face than what you put ON your face in this comprehensive guide.

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An Best-Seller!

With 40 different contributing authors, Self-Promotion Sucks! tackles the tough topics that plague the entrepreneurial spirit. From crafting a plan of action to building a community around your brand, this eBook is a comprehensive guide to making self-promotion a whole helluva lot less painful.

For the low price of only $4.99, you’ll learn how to polish your message, refine your brand, create connections in your field, and promote your products with out feeling like a used care salesman. 

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