Reiki + Tarot Sessions


Jack: “Are you familiar with the Japanese art of Reiki?"
Liz: "No."
Jack: "It is the laying on of hands in order to improve one's life."
Liz: "How does your life improve? Do the hands have money in them?"

- 30 Rock, NBC

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing art that helps to align your energy and relax your body with gentle, healing touch…but that’s only half of the story.

In my healing sessions with Reiki clients, my intuition is heightened. I often become privy to messages beyond logical understanding - physical sensations that alert me to imbalances in the chakra system, images that hint at areas of a person’s life that might need more growth, and the occasional direct messages from the Universe, Buddha, David Bowie, or whatever cosmic power you want to believe in.

Why? Because your energy is constantly trying to communicate with you.

And if it can’t get the message through to you, it’s my chosen job to act as the translator. You see, Reiki is more than just a soothing practice to relax the body, it’s also insight into the current state of your soul. Therefore, I prefer to use Reiki like I use many other forms of divination: as a coaching method to move your life forward when you’re feeling stuck.

That’s why I’ve decided to switch up the way I perform Reiki sessions.

To better translate the entire energetic message, a Reiki session with me involves a combination of traditional energy healing blended with Akashic Records readings and tarot cards to fill in any gaps or questions that might be left over once your energy has been read. If you've come for the Reiki, trust that you will never be short changed on healing, you'll simply be given more clarity from the cards and the Cosmos to assist in the shifts that have already been put into place.

Each Hour Long Reiki + Tarot session includes:

  • distance or in person reiki delivered in a dosage dictated by your current energetic needs

  • the opening of your Akashic Records to check for any messages from your guides or past lives

  • a tarot card reading with unlimited cards to answer any specific questions you might have lingering after

chakras aligned AF, soul probing insights, and answers to your cosmic questions - $126*

Ready to Get Reiki’d?

*YOur 1st Reiki+Tarot is Always half Price! - $63