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The ancient art of tarot is a form of divination used to give insight into your future. Michelle's interpretation of your cards involves intuitive advice side by side with thought provoking questions to help you seek further self-development within your circumstance. There are no negative readings, only cards that offer more opportunity for growth & healing. 

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2018 Zodiac Tarotscopes

Each 2018 Zodiac Tarotscope Includes:

  • a 13-card spread: 1 card to represent each month of the upcoming calendar year & a 13th card to convey the theme and lessons held within those 12 months

  • a 5-8 sentence description of the energy & message from each card as it relates to your personal zodiac sign

  • your 2018 astrological mantra, chosen specifically for your reading to inspire confidence throughout the year

  • a magical image of your spread infused with good vibes from The Wild Unknown Tarot deck

2018 zodiac tarotscopE - $11.11!


tarot via email

Ask a question and allow the cards to lead you to your answer. With options for 1, 3, 5, 10, or 13-card readings, online tarot readings are a great way to find a burst of clarity around your current circumstance and channel your energy in the proper direction. You can choose your deck or let Michelle intuitively choose one for you.

Within one week of your order, you'll receive an email with:

  • a beautiful image of your cards

  • a written interpretation of each card’s meaning

  • the overall energy & advice summary for your question


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Intuitive Coaching via phone

Sometimes you need more than just five cards to fully understand a situation.

For Intuitive Coaching, Michelle combines her certified training as a lifestyle coach with her intuitive energy and divination skills to create a conversation around your circumstance and assist you in creating an action plan to follow your highest path.

If you prefer a back and forth conversation for your reading with 10-20 cards for clarity, this is the session for you. 

45 Minute Intuitive Coaching - $125
60 Minute Intuitive Coaching - $155

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Tarot + Coaching Testimonials


"I am so thankful for my tarot reading with the amazing Moonchild Michelle Shea Walker. Michelle's practice is so efficient, intuitive, accessible, and extremely articulate. I've had several tarot readings but Michelle's resonated with me the most because it was educational, validating, and uplifting."

Colin Bedell | Intuitive Coaching Client



“Michelle’s 2017 Tarotscopes are unique, powerful, and infused with so much love.”

NIcolette Venia | Zodiac Tarotscope Recipient


"Michelle is an extremely gifted soul, with a magical touch and high vibing spirit. Her energy has allowed me to connect with myself deeply in ways I didn't know were there. In our intuitive coaching sessions, I learn about what is in store for me and how I can leverage my current energy to manifest my dreams. I am so grateful to have Michelle as my guide throughout my journey!"

JQ Crimaldi | Intuitive Coaching Client

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“The descriptions are written with such gentle guidance that even this worrisome Capricorn can’t get too nervous.”

Stephanie B. | Zodiac Tarotscope Recipient


“Michelle’s Weekly Tarot Forecasts are so damn positive! I love how they sound like she’s talking with her best friend giving them meaningful advice. The challenges she talks about week to week are very real and the ways she suggests to face them are real as well.”

Rowan P. | YouTube Subscriber



“I can’t thank you enough for the great reading. I loved it & feel you were spot on. I received exactly the guidance I was looking for.”

Amy O. | Tarot Via Email

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