Weekly Tarot Forecast: June 3-9

Intuition comes in many forms... 

Sometimes it's through a gut feeling, other times it's found in a dream or deep meditation, but for me, journaling and divination tend be the best keys to unlock my inner guidance system. Normally, when giving card readings to clients, I do so by email because I find combining the cards with stream of consciousness writing often unlocks more for me than a verbal communication ever could. I can edit and take the time to find the perfect metaphor for what the cards have to say. It works out quite well for my creative writerly brain. 

However, because the visual medium is so powerful, I've decided to post weekly tarot forecasts on my YouTube page despite my verbal fumbling (the unofficial subtitle to this weeks' video is "You Better Recognize"...you'll see why):

Yes, it's a verbal interpretation of the card, but I like to brainstorm by free writing before I hit record. That's why each week you'll have two similar, but slightly different resources for your forecast, the video above and a copy of my stream of consciousness brainstorm below.

Take what you need from both and use it in the way that best serves your coming week. ❤︎

Weekly Tarot Forecast: The Seven of Pentacles
The Seven of Pentacles represents a period of contemplation in The Wild Unknown Tarot, particularly in the areas of career and home. You've been trudging along quite heartily towards your goals and you may feel a bit disappointed at your current spot on the map, but rather than using this pause in forward motion to feed your frustration, I encourage you to take some time this week to reassess your current goals. Is the end point in your journey really what you want or is it simply all you think you're currently capable of? Because you can have whatever future home, career, or life you desire.
Don't wast time chasing after something that's simply "good enough for now."

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