Welcome to the wonderful world of Tarotscope subscriptions!

What Are Tarotscopes?

Tarotscopes, like horoscopes, are monthly forecasts for the twelve signs of the zodiac. However, instead of using the alignment of the stars and planets to predict the future, Tarotscopes use a single card designated for each sign to predict the energy of the upcoming month. 

What Can I Expect from My Tarotscope Subscription?

Your Monthly Tarotscope subscription includes:

  • first access to the Tarotscope readings delivered directly to your inbox each & every month
  • all 12 card interpretations for easy reference of your sun, moon, & rising sign predictions
  • exclusive deals & discounts on personal tarot readings, should you choose to dive deeper into your monthly predictions

Do I Have to Commit to a Full Year?

No. Tarotscope subscriptions come in one of two formats: 

  • Year to Year - a discounted once a year payment that ensures you won't miss a single month of predictions for the next calendar year
  • Month to Month - a monthly payment for those uncertain if they want to commit to a full year of monthly wisdom via email

Both subscription options can be cancelled anytime before your next scheduled payment via your personal PayPal account settings. No need to email. No need to call. 

Subscription Choices

Note: Tarotscopes are released the 1st of every month. Please allow at least 24 hours from your subscription sign up to be added to the email list.
If you subscribe less than 24 hours before the first of the month & would like to receive the most recent predictions, email michellesheawalker@gmail.com to request a resend.