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The Dame Who Dated


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Single dame Veronica Valentine tracks down the usual suspects of modern dating to detect whether or not love is still out there.


Teaser Trailer - Meet Veronica Valentine
S1E1 - Strangers in the One Night Stand
S1E2 -@TheManWhoWazntThere
S1E3 - Don’t Kiss Me Deadly
S1E4 - The Red Herring in the Lake
S1E5 - The Desperation Hours
S1E6 - The Polyamorist Always Rings Twice
S1E7 - Out of a Lonely Place

What People Are Saying:

“Clever,’s entertaining!”
— An Admirer
“Like a video poem.”
— A Discerning Friend

”I gotta admit, I’m loving The Dame Who Dated.”
— An Ex