Vegan Inspiration: Ginnifer Goodwin


Over the years, I've collected several vegan/vegetarian role models who continue to inspire my movement towards a kinder lifestyle.  My most recent celebrity inspiration has been He's Just Not That Into You actress Ginnifer Goodwin.

I love Ginnifer's attitude towards the whole process of becoming vegan in that it's a personal choice that should come easily.  If you find it truly difficult, it's simply not right for you.

Through each stage of my own journey, my choices have been influenced by an inner compass of morality.  Every dietary 'sacrifice' has felt completely natural and well-timed in accordance to my lifestyle at that moment.

Here's what Ginnifer had to say about her transition to veganism:

"We were filming the road trip episode of this season's Big Love and we were staying in a hotel. I was doing a lot--and I mean a lot—of yoga at the time, and I've heard it's not uncommon for something like this to happen when you are in a stage like that.

Anyway, I was having my morning coffee, and I was pouring milk into it, and all I can say is that I suddenly realized what it was that I was pouring into my coffee. I was so disgusted, because I had never actually stopped to think about what milk is. And dairy had always been my favorite food group! I thought, 'Surely this feeling will pass,' but at lunchtime I was still disgusted. Over the next few days, I started really thinking about what I was eating."

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