2 Easy Meals, 1 Little Can


Amy's Kitchen makes a ton of amazing vegan and vegetarian products that I love, but my latest discovery is great for it's versatility: Amy's Organic Chili.

My omnivore boyfriend is from Texas [so he knows his chili] and he loves this stuff.  He swears it tastes like there's meat hiding somewhere in there, but he's just tasting some well-seasoned, hearty-texture tofu.  Between the two of us, we've come up with two delicious recipes using just one can of this chili:

Vegan Chili Burgers [serves 2, 1 burger each]

1 can Amy's Organic Chili, heated over stovetop 2 vegan veggie burgers [Morningstar Farms & Amy's both make good ones] 4 slices of bread, toasted 1 cup cooked brown rice

Serve burgers topped with chili on toasted bread with a side of brown rice. Add vegan cheese and additional condiments or veggies as desired.

After the meal: Combine remaining chili with the remaining rice and refrigerate until...

Vegan Tacos [serves 2, depending on leftovers from Vegan Chili Burgers]

1 can Amy's Organic Chili/1 cup cooked brown rice combination, heated [or whatever's left from Vegan Chili Burger's] 1 jar of salsa [or however much you need to taste] 2-4 whole wheat taco tortillas and/or hard taco shells

Place chili/rice combination in taco shells or tortillas. Top with salsa. Add vegan cheese and additional condiments or veggies as desired.

Easy & lazy, but both totally delicious. Enjoy!