Keen for Quinoa


This morning, I finally tried the vegan superfood quinoa [pronounced keen-wah].  I first heard about this grain-like seed a mere month ago while reading The Kind Diet.  In the book, Alicia Silverstone talks up quinoa and other whole grains like oatmeal and millet as staples of a well-rounded vegan diet.  Since reading about it, I've been anxious to try this nutrient-packed product. Having never tasted quinoa, I was ill-prepared to come up with ways to serve it.  Apparently, it's cooked in vastly different forms.  Recipes from an oatmeal-like hot breakfast to a simple side dish can be found all over the internet.  Having a bit of a sweet tooth this morning [and all of the required ingredients], I settled on a slightly altered version of this recipe, adding a touch of maple syrup for extra sweetness.

The result was an extremely filling, but certainly energy-inducing breakfast. [Perhaps I'll half the portion size next time.]