Vegan-izing Arby's


Spending the Thanksgiving holiday back in Indiana has made me appreciate how much simpler it is to be vegan in a large city like Chicago. Today, while trying to decide where to grab a quick bite to eat, I had to do some extensive fast food research to figure out some vegan options.  Thank God there are so many vegans who have come before me to map out the safe items on the chain restaurant menus.  PETA even has a whole list of vegan/vegetarian friendly itemsfrom chains around the world.

For today's lunch, we picked Arby's.

I love Arby's curly fries so I was ecstatic to find that those are in fact vegan [unlike some fast food fries].  I also added a baked potato with broccoli and spicy mustard to round out my [very starchy] meal.  It was my own assumption that mustard is a pretty safe bet for extra vegan flavor.  However, upon checking the nutrition facts online, I found that the spicy mustard actually contains anchovies AND eggs.

You live, you learn, right?

Next time, I'll go for the BBQ sauce or vinagarettes for a little bit of flavoring. They're entirely vegan.