The Chicago Diner's Po' Boy


Words cannot express the love that I have for The Chicago Diner.  Our year and a half courtship has had the occasional ups and downs [they tend to create amazing seasonal items that I can't live without and then they take them away from me], but over all, they can do no wrong in my eyes.  [Now if only they would just hire me as a server, then we could live happily ever after.] My current [seasonal] addiction: The Po' Boy Sandwhich

I have no idea what kind of seasoning they use in this sandwich, but the batter coated veggie nuggets really do taste like fish!  Not in a gross, overly fish-y sort of way, but just enough of a flavor to trick your taste buds.  And have I mentioned that their mashed potatoes are out of this world?!? Because they are.  You should try them.  Or, at the very least, supply me with the means to eat more of them.

Oh, and check out their pumpkin pie if you're in the mood for a holiday sweet fix, ours didn't even last long enough for a photo: