Beta Male recommended Vegan Crab Cakes


Last month, during VTB's interview with Beta Male's Allison & David Hazel, it was mentioned that Allison makes some awesome vegan crab cakes. This month, I decided to try my hand at one of Allison's recommended recipes:

The verdict: AMAZING!

While these crab cakes don't exactly taste like crab, the sauce and the breading make for a delicious meal that definitely satisfies that "fried fish" craving.

My only complaint? Tempeh is SUPER filling so you really only need about half this recipe for two [but they'd make great appetizers for a party!].  The omnivore boyfriend and I could only finish off about 5 cakes between the two of us...and we usually have some pretty big appetites.

Also pictured from this delicious vegan meal: spinach salad [with red bell pepper and artichoke hearts] & vegan mashed potatoes [made with red skin spuds, Earth Balance butter, and a splash of almond milk]