Mushy PB&J: The Obsession Continues


As I've mentioned before, I'm obsessed with PB&J.  However, I'm also quite bad at planning ahead with my grocery shopping and I often run out of bread unexpectedly.  That's why I was totally inspired when I read this quote from Ginnifer Goodwin in Health Magazine:

"Jeanne Tripplehorn taught me—and this is the most amazing thing in the world—make some instant oatmeal*, and put a tiny spoonful of peanut butter and a tiny spoonful of jelly in it, and mush it all up. It is like a mushy peanut butter–and-jelly. It’s genius. And it’s very satiating."

And a few days later, I made this [with slow cooked oatmeal for greater energy benefits]:

Confession: I definitely put more than a tiny spoonful, but it was definitely delicious.

*Just be careful of your instant oatmeal, I've found that some of my favorites contain hidden dairy ingredients and have had to switch. However, there are plenty that are vegan-friendly out there so find one and eat up!