Two Peas in a Pod


Apologies for my recent disappearing act, dear readers, but it was for good cause: the Omnivore and I have moved in together! I don't think anyone ever expects the days weeks of upheaval that follow a move. Personally, I thought I'd have everything unpacked and organized in a matter of hours, but instead I've spent the past two weeks weaving in and out of boxes with no idea of where my computer is.

Thankfully, life and the apartment are almost back in order.  Which means I can share one of the many perks of living together: my vegan-friendly boyfriend is a great cook!

I'd had a taste of his kitchen prowess before cohabiting. We'd established a satisfying menu of vegan-friendly dishes consisting mostly of rice & beans or pasta thrown together with whatever veggies we had on hand.

These meals, while amazing, were often limited by the fact that any vegan alternatives were inconveniently at my apartment any time we were cooking at his...but not anymore.  With all of my non-dairy milks and nut-cheeses at his disposal, dinner's gotten much more interesting.

For instance, last night the Omnivore concocted a pasta with cream sauce using garlic, jalapenos, and a coconut milk base. I was too busy unpacking and organizing to help with the preparations, but here's the rundown as I understand it:

Garlic, chopped [either fresh or canned] Olive Oil 1 Jalapeno, chopped 4 green onions/shallots, chopped a few handfuls Mushrooms a few handfuls of Spinach a few spoonfuls of Earth Balance butter So Delicious Coconut Milk, unsweetened Spelt Flour [or all-purpose flour, spelt is simply what we had on hand] lots of Pepper 1 Roma Tomato, chopped

Heat olive oil over medium heat [enough to create a shallow pool at the bottom of the skillet], add chopped garlic and saute until brown. Add chopped jalapeno & onions, stir until cooked to nearly your desired consistency, add spinach & mushrooms just before starting the cream. Melt Earth Balance butter into the skillet with vegetables, reduce heat, then add coconut milk & flour until desired thickness for sauce has been reached. Add Pepper to taste. Toss in the pasta of your choice [we used linguini cooked slightly al dente and it was delicious!], serve topped with tomatoes and a sprinkling of Parma! as desired.