Pasta in Guacamole Sauce


Forget everything I said about the Omnivore's pasta in vegan cream sauce recipe, the dish he whipped up yesterday completely blows it out of the water. [Don't get me wrong, you should still try the other version, but put this one high on your list as well.]  It's interesting combination of guacamole and coconut milk makes for an extra creamy, sort of spicy sauce that I've now deemed "better than mac & cheese." [Be sure to top it with Parma! to ensure that cheese-like flavor.] Here's the basic rundown:

a few spoonfuls Earth Balance butter 1 garlic clove, chopped or a small spoonful of canned chopped garlic 1 jalapeno, chopped 2 scallions, chopped 1/2 large red bell pepper, chopped a few handfuls spinach a few handfuls baby bella mushrooms 1 packet Wholly Guacamole [or your own 2 oz serving of mashed avocado mixture] So Delicious Coconut milk, unsweetened Spelt Flour

Heat Earth Balance in large skillet over medium to high heat until melted. Brown garlic in butter before adding other vegetables. Add jalapeno, scallions, & bell pepper, cook to near desired consistency. Reduce heat, then add spinach and mushrooms [these take very little time to heat]. Add entire guacamole packet and a few splashes of coconut milk [sorry guys, the Omnivore doesn't measure] to the cooked vegetables. Go slowly until the mixture is just slightly runnier than your desired consistency. Add a sprinkling of flour to achieve desired thickness. Stir in your choice of pasta [we used shells for that shells & cheese effect], sprinkle with Parma! & Enjoy.

Personally, I licked the plate clean: