Coffee, Tea, & Pastries


We had a rare warm day today here in Chicago, but the chill of winter still threatens to return at any moment.And what better way to wait out the spring [or rather, summer at this point] than with a hot drink and a sweet treat? In honor of vegan coffee house favorites, here are the best of my local selections:

Fritz Pastry's Blueberry Crumble Donut with a Soy Mocha:

Though I'd never been much of a donut person previously, for months after going vegan it was the only item I truly craved.  Unfortunately, the only vegan recommendation I could drag out of anyone would have required a Mighty long trip to Seattle.  That is, until my iPod app sent me to Fritz Pastry, ironically located just blocks from my old apartment.

The Verdict: Oh. My. God. these completely vegan donuts are To Die For! With a daily selection of 3 different flavors, there's something for everyone...but I can't seem to stop ordering the blueberry crumble. With it's own hole included, this melt-in-your-mouth pastry is amazing with a cup of their soy mocha. If you're in the Chicago area, I recommend you go immediately [and order a few for the road as well].

Delicious Cafe's Cranberry Chocolate Chip Scone with a Soy Mocha:

The Omnivore and I had been trying to hit up this all-vegan cafe for weeks, but always arrived outside their open hours. Finally, after a less-than satisfying Sunday brunch at a not-so-vegan-friendly locale, we found their doors open just when I needed them most.

The Verdict: The cranberry chocolate scone was so tasty that I couldn't help but share and even coffee-snob Nick was impressed with the richness of my mocha.

The Chicago Diner's Cinnamon Roll with a Chai Tea Latte:

Upon moving to Chicago, the very first restaurant I ate in was the famous Ann Sather's breakfast spot. I fell in love with their enormous, gooey cinnamon rolls and returned on many occasions specifically for that order.  Since going vegan, I've forced myself to refrain from their sweet temptation and have been searching for a replacement.  And like any true happiness, I found it in my own backyard: The Chicago Diner.

The Verdict: Perhaps it's been too long to compare, but I would swear that these rolls taste identical to my former Ann Sather's favorite.  My mouth waters just thinking of their delectable deliciousness. When you try it for yourself, add that hot cup-of-something to your order with the chai tea latte, it's my favorite.