7 Questions: Sarah Conrique & Graham I. Haynes of The Vegan Stoner

7 Questions: Sarah Conrique & Graham I. Haynes of The Vegan Stoner


The response I hear most often when people find out that I'm vegan is "wow, that must be hard!"

The hilarious part is, it's not.  It's incredibly easy once you wrap your mind around the basics.  Even the Omnivore will tell you that all it takes is a few simple substitutions to make your favorite dish vegan.

That's why I love it when fellow vegans, like Sarah & Graham of The Vegan Stoner, make it their purpose to show others how easy this lifestyle is.  Their blog reads like a charmingly illustrated children's book, with simple step-by-step instructions for how to prepare a vegan meal.

There are no fancy cooking terms or elaborate preparations, just easy vegan recipes like this one:

Here's what Sarah & Graham had to say about their own vegan journey:

VTB: What made you decide to go vegan?

Sarah: I decided to become vegan after coming across some research on the internet of dairy farm conditions, which naturally led me to read up on the morality and health benefits of veganism. It didn't make sense to continue in the same lifestyle after gaining that knowledge. Graham: I became friends with vegans and was spending a lot of time with them. At first it was more convenient to eat vegan when I was with them and then I began to see its dietary benefits.

VTB: Was it a gradual process for you or an immediate lifestyle change?

Sarah: I was an informal vegetarian growing up and became vegan immediately. It was adolescent stubbornness that led me to do so despite possible danger to my health. Graham: I gradually became vegan, mostly eating vegan and occasionally having dairy, eggs, or meat to keep my tolerance of animal products. Then after getting sick I decided to just become vegan.

VTB: What sort of changes did you notice in your body and in your life from going vegan?

Sarah: It's been a while, but from what I can remember I felt cleaner and more healthy. Graham: I lost a lot of weight and didn't get as sleepy after meals, but my intermittent feelings of inner despair remained consistent.

VTB: What was the hardest animal product for you to give up eating?

Sarah: It wasn't hard per se just hard to find an alternative, but sushi and gourmet cheese. It's just hard to find vegan sushi in a variety that exceeds a california veggie roll. And even harder to find a good vegan gourmet cheese selection without having to have it shipped. Graham: Carnitas and fine cheeses.

VTB: What's your favorite vegan product or recipe?

Sarah: Trail mix and nutritional yeast. Mac and yeast and granola bowls, because I'm becoming a connoisseur of mac and yeast and a smoothie shaman. Graham: I like using TVP [textured vegetable protein] as a ground meat replacer, and mock duck when I'm eating at a Thai restaurant.

VTB: How do family and friends feel about your choice?

Sarah: If they aren't tolerant of it.....they aren't a friend. Graham: The overweight ones seem distressed by my weight loss.

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