A Delicious Tofurky Club


Tofurky: n. tofu turkey. found in various forms such as Thanksgiving roast, tofurky jerky, & lunchmeat deli slices.

My previous Tofurky experience: while I love having a vegan option on Thanksgiving, my brief affair with the deli slices had left me burnt out on the flavor. That is, until...

The lunch: the Omnivore and I met up for sandwiches at Delicious Cafe during his lunch break [their scones had already won my approval].  I ordered the BLT, he ordered the Tofurky Club.  As per usual, I found his order to be far superior than my own [the boy knows how to work a menu]. Much to his dismay, I devoured well over my polite 'taste.'

The tasty ingredients: tofurky slices, soy bacon, avocado, spinach, tomato & Vegenaise on toasted multigrain bread. Healthy & delicious.

P.S. the veggie chips are equally amazing. if only I'd asked for the brand name...