Raw Observations: Part 2


1. Smoothies aren't so bad. As I sit here, sipping on my green smoothie that is actually purple thanks to a healthy dose of blueberries, I can feel my tired body starting to perk up. It's been a long day and this smoothie is totally what I needed to revive my energy... that, and it was easier than worrying about what to make for dinner.

2. I am addicted to Raw desserts. But then again, you already know that.

3. My teeth feel amazing. Without all that processed sugar in my food, my enamel has gotten a much needed break. It's like having a teeth cleaning daily, but even better because there's no dentist's bill to pay afterwards.

4. Sometimes I smell a bit like a salad bar. I guess it's better than BO, but there have been rare occasions where I catch a whiff of the produce section only to realize it's me.

5. Cooked food really does make me feel like crap. Now that I have something to compare it to, I REALLY notice the effects of cooked food on my body.  To be fair, the cooked food I've been indulging in for the other 20% of my diet is pretty crappy.  After a week without it, I went straight for the falafel plates & the vegan Mexican food. On both occasions, a few hours of afternoon napping were required to feel myself again.

6. I hate myself when I'm eating and love myself when I'm not. This has been my favorite phrase to describe my Raw experience to others. I have yet to find any Raw foods [aside from the desserts] that I really CRAVE and can't wait to indulge in. Usually my meals are a bit of an inconvenience and not something I look forward to three times a day. Therefore, I hate myself while I'm eating because I'm not eating what I want and I LOVE myself every other time of the day because I feel like I could fly.  I guess it's a trade off...and one that's much easier when I'm allowed the occasional yummy indulgence.