Raw Reese's Cups

I'm dying to bake something today, but with one week left of Raw month, I'm abstaining. Therefore, in order to curb my cupcake-pan-craving, I decided to make Raw Reese's. These things are insanely simple & only take 30 minutes max from start to finish, but it still feels a bit like baking. Here's the recipe:


2-3 tbsp cacao powder 6-9 tbsp coconut oil 2-3 tbsp agave nectar 6 small spoonfuls of raw almond butter

To prepare chocolate, mix 3 tbsp coconut oil for every 1 tbsp of cacao & agave.* I repeated this process 3 times to make enough chocolate for 6 medium-sized almond butter cups. Spoon enough chocolate into the bottom of your paper baking cups to cover the area. Refrigerate for 10 minutes. Remove chocolate bottoms from the fridge & place a small spoonful of almond butter in the center of each cup. Note: the less mountainous your spoonfuls of almond butter, the less chocolate you will need to cover the top. Pour the remainder of your chocolate over the top of each cup until the almond butter is completely covered. Return to fridge for another 10-15 minutes or until chocolate has hardened. Remove from fridge just before eating to prevent a melty mess. Enjoy. ♥

*Helpful Hint: While delicious, my Raw Reese's were a touch oily with these measurements. Next time, I may try 2 tbsp of oil for every 1 tbsp of cacao & agave. Feel free to play around with your own measurements until a desired consistency is reached.