Make Something Monday: Slightly Samoa, Gluten-free Pancakes

Timing's a funny thing: last week, just as the Raw experiment's about to end & I'm itching to get back in the kitchen, I found a copy of Babycakes Covers The Classics on sale at my local Borders. Gluten-free, agave-sweetened recipes to reintroduce myself to the world of vegan baking? Yes, Please!

Since breakfast with the Omnivore is my favorite part of the day, we'll start with pancakes! And because Babycakes recipes call for an ungodly amount of coconut oil*, let's add some chocolate chips & make them Samoa Girl Scout Cookie pancakes!

[*Note: Babycakes author Erin McKenna mentions that she uses an unflavored variety of coconut oil to avoid having every recipe taste like a tropical island. My coconut oil is not so lucky. So, when life hands you lemons...make Samoas out of pancakes.]


2 c Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-free Baking Flour 2 tsp baking soda 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp xanthan gum 2/3 c So Delicious coconut milk 2/3 c unsweetened applesauce 1/2 c coconut oil 2 tbsp vanilla extract [FINALLY a baker who over-pours as much as I do!] a generous pour of vegan chocolate chips [I used Ghirardelli semi-sweet]

Whisk together all of the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add wet ingredients on top & combine until smooth. Add chocolate chips & disperse throughout batter. To prevent pancakes from sticking to the pan, add a small amount of coconut oil & tilt pan to coat before transferring the batter over. Pour, flip, repeat.  [You get the idea.]

Warning: These pancakes are amazing, but EXTREMELY rich!  The Omnivore & I could hardly finish our first plate.  [Technically, he finished mine. These were a lot for my fresh-from-Raw stomach to handle.] Just remember to go slow...your eyes are probably bigger than your stomach & leftovers are always delicious.

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