Raw Observations: The End

This is it. The end is here & I have a few thoughts:

1. It's all about balance.  As I slowly incorporate more and more cooked foods back into my diet, I'm beginning to see the yin & yang of the situation: Raw foods make me feel better after the meal, but cooked foods make eating the meal worthwhile.  Therefore, I try to balance every cooked item with a Raw item throughout the day.  Fine, have that veggie burger at lunch, but get the side salad instead of fries. Go ahead, eat that pancake for breakfast, but have a raw smoothie for your dinner's dessert. These seem like classic dieting tips, but it's not about a diet, it's about a lifestyle. I know I'll feel better if I eat this way, and if I don't, I'll pay for it with less energy & diminished clarity. Besides, it's kind of fun to know there's more than one way to enjoy vegan mayonnaise.

2. Eat less wheat. After nearly a month without bread, I've noticed a definite difference in the way my body feels with and without wheat. The first Raw cheat I had involving flour ended in food baby & sinus congestion. Yep, I'm slightly allergic.  While my symptoms are nowhere near severe enough to make me cut out wheat completely, I will certainly be experimenting with some gluten-free recipes in the future.  Once again, it's all about balance.

3. 100% Raw is amazing, but it's just not for me. [Even with a bigger budget.] I like variety. I like experimentation. I like to bake. These are things that have become an integral part of my enjoyment of the vegan lifestyle and going 100% Raw placed limitations on that joy. Plus, no matter how hard I try to love it, a guacamole-stuffed mushroom cap is a tasty snack, not a satisfying meal.

How Raw can you go?

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