Wellness Wednesday: Hungry for Change

From the makers of my favorite food documentary, Food Matters, comes a new film about the flawed concepts in the modern diet: Hungry for Change. For the next 9 days, you can register & watch it for FREE here.

As a holistic health coach, I've learned that there is so much about health & beauty that the general public has come to misunderstand:

It's not about fat-free foods. It's not about fad diets. It's not about slathering your skin with a ton of toxic products.

It IS about eating whole, natural, organic foods & taking care of your body from the inside out...it's that simple.

Watch Hungry for Change to understand the monster you are dealing with & if you still need help taking the next step towards your own healthy life, check out my health coaching website for information on a free health consultation.

Like Hungry for Change, my mission is to help you cut through the crap & find your path to health through education & support.


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