Relish Tray: Bleeding Heart's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Waffles

relish: verb. to delight in something that satisfies one’s tastes, inclinations, or desires.

Last weekend, I had my first sugar in over 2 weeks. It wasn't by choice, but it was still delicious.

You see, the Omnivore & I had set out for a late Sunday brunch on Father's Day only to find that our first choice for a savory vegan meal was closed early! Fortunately, we were just down the street from the new Bleeding Heart Bakery location where they were offering their very first brunch.

Their inaugural brunch contained no vegan options on the actual menu*, but because the folks at Bleeding Heart are totally amazing & vegan-friendly, they special made a sinfully sweet dish of chocolate chocolate chip waffles with raspberries & chocolate sauce just for me. Definitely NOT candida diet approved [except for the berries ;)], but totally tasty.

[*This past weekend's menu was a shorter version of the brunch they will be offering in the future which will be half vegan/half omni. Check back later for details on their other options!]