I am a pink-haired pixie. I am a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, & a cat lover.

Also, I am a health coach.

What does that mean?

It means that I am blessed to be able to use my years of self-motivated googling as well as my amazing & extensive training at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to help people heal themselves through food. I honestly believe that the right food can sooth all ills. I believe this because I have healed myself many times over.

By altering my diet throughout the years, I have been able to fend off my 3 A's of daily suffering: Acne, Allergies, & Apathy.

Acne: I've suffered from breakouts in various degrees of severity since the age of 13. After trying every toxic/chemical/drying treatment there is in my teen years, I swore off the Accutane/Proactive/Benzyl Peroxide routine for good & started treating myself from the inside out. What I've learned about food & skin could fill a book [and perhaps one day it will], but it comes down to the fact that what you put in your body matters so much more than what you put on it.

Allergies: Trust fund babies inherit cash from their fathers, I inherited my dad's tree pollen sensitivity. But when I changed my diet...my allergies disappeared. Through my training, I have learned that my allergies were not just being symptomized in my sniffles & sneezes, but in almost every aspect of my life. I find the relationship between food & allergies so fascinating that I actually specialize in reducing the effects of my client's allergies through dietary changes.

Apathy: Finding your passion is a powerful thing. It awakens every part of your brain & pushes you forward. I have so many ideas for the future & so many plans...all of which have been ignited by my interest in food & healing. And thanks to healthy eating, I have the energy to achieve them all.

If you're having issues with acne, allergies, or, yes, even apathy, I want to help. Contact me for a free health history consultation & in 6 months, we'll have you feeling healthy, glowing gorgeously, & loving your life. ♥


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