Relish Tray: Karyn's Cooked Coconut Cream Pie

relish: verb. to delight in something that satisfies one’s tastes, inclinations, or desires.

Post candida cleanse attempt, many a sweet tooth has been satisfied with apples or berries. However, on a recent trip to Karyn's Cooked, I couldn't resist this fluffy piece of heaven staring up at me from the dessert case:

Normally, I avoid coconut while dining out because the Omnivore isn't a fan, but when he finished his meal too full to share something with me, I decided to indulge in my tropical fantasies.

Totally. Worth. It.

Light, fluffy, & melt-in-your-mouth creamy, this pie was AMAZING! But don't take my word for it, go try it yourself.*

*Strict Vegans Beware: Karyn's does use raw, local honey in some of their desserts. Because I occasionally indulge in bee-gan tendencies for smaller bee farms, I didn't bother asking if this pie was one of them. Feel free to ask before ordering if honey is on your personal list of moral conflicts.

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