Faux Fashion Friday: Birthday Dress, Not Suit

Faux Fashion Friday has been on a bit of hiatus. Why? Well, frankly, I got tired of staging photos. It's hard enough to find the time to get all dressed up, but when I do, I've usually lost the sunlight needed for a good photo.

I'm an evening glamour doll. So I was psyched when the Omnivore offered to take me out for an early birthday celebration last Monday night. Although I was tempted to buy a brand new outfit for the occasion, I opted instead to recycle some old favorites into a new look:

boots - target belt - thrifted from the brown elephant dress - handmade by my mother ♥ earring - bunny madden on etsy

Fun Fact: this dress was actually created for a Marilyn Monroe-themed photo shoot that I did several years back. My mother kindly shortened it for me recently to make it into a dress suited for going out. Here's the original shot:


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