Quick Bite: Blueberry Green Tea Smoothie [or Soft Serve]

Back in 2006, Starbucks released a blackberry green tea flavor that I was OBSESSED with [see the magazine ad below...yes, I still have magazines from 2006. Please don't call Hoarders on me]. And while everyone's favorite coffee chain still makes a delicious non-blackberry green tea, the vegan version's made with soy milk [please, no!] and the matcha powder is laced with sugar...even when you get your latte "unsweetened." That's why I've come up with my own healthy home fix: The Blueberry Green Tea Smoothie


1 large banana, cut & frozen 1 avocado [optional, but full of alkalizing nutrients] 1/2 - 1 c blueberries, frozen [to get the original blackberry flavor, use blackberries, obviously] 1 tsp matcha powder 1/2 c. So Delicious coconut milk splash of vanilla [optional, but nice for added sweetness]

Place all ingredients in blender & process until smooth. For thicker soft serve, add coconut milk slowly until desired texture is achieved.

For a sweeter treat, replace the avocado with a second frozen banana. No added sugar needed. ♥

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