Quick Bite: Chocolate Chia Pudding w/ Strawberries

Ah, the Mighty Chia Seed...helps with digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, packs a healthy punch of omega 3's...the list of superhero deeds goes on & on. Call in sidekicks Cacao & Coconut Water & you've made a mood-boosting, ultra-hydrating Super Force. Then finally, top it all off with the juicy love interest: Sliced Strawberries...but be careful, this time of year her mood can go from sweet to tart so enjoy her while she lasts.


2/3 c* chia seeds 1 1/2 c* coconut water 1 tbsp cacao powder sliced strawberries

Combine chia sees, coconut water, & cacao in a small bowl. Allow to thicken, stirring occasionally to avoid clumps**. Once desired thickness has been reached, top with sliced strawberries. Enjoy.

* I rarely measure for my chia pudding anymore. If you'd like to wing it like me, simply cover the bottom of your bowl in a thin layer of seeds, mix with 1tbsp cacao, & top with just enough coconut water to cover. Then, as you stir, add in more coconut water as needed until your desired texture has been reached. **As the chia seeds absorb the coconut water, they will develop a gel-like coating with a texture similar to tapioca pudding. Stirring occasionally simply prevents the seeds from sticking together in larger clumps.

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