Wellness Wednesday: Health is Beauty

photo by aaron ehinger

Forget the lipstick. Forget the blush. The most important thing you can do for your appearance comes from what you put inside your face, not on top of it.

Health is Beauty. Remember that night you hardly slept and spent the entire next day trying to cover the bags under your eyes & the creases in your skin? That was just a small preview. Imagine years of abuse from what you put into your body slowly showing up on your face. We are attacking our appearance with our processed packaged snacks, our sugary sodas, & our acidic alcohol. Even the healthiest of eaters have their hidden vices. Too much of any one food without a healthy balance can cause problems [except for leafy greens, you can never have too many leafy greens :)].

I'm no better. But I'm both blessed and cursed with the fact that whenever my body's out of sync, the first thing that shows up is acne. I have no need to wait around for years of dietary damage to cause wrinkles & bodily diseases, my skin tells me within days of eating that I'm doing something wrong. First, it was dairy, but that was both discovered and cured miraculously by going vegan. About a year later, the breakouts started up again. After several months of trial & error, I discovered that this time the inflammation was being caused by the same demon making my tummy ache after cheese-free pizza: gluten.

The lesson of my journey: when I stop consuming the products that upset my body, my skin completely behaves.

Of course, there are occasional lifestyle factors to blame for acne, like switching cleansers or too much stress, but for the most part my diet is my biggest beauty secret. And while others might not suffer from the same acne affliction that I do, diet always plays a huge factor in anyone's appearance. [Just look at how my mother looks years younger after completing 5 1/2 months of health coaching, it's amazing!]

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[Photo by Aaron Ehinger.]