Quick Bite: Apple/Cinnamon/Date Chia Pudding

As I sort of alluded in my last post, I've been having some health issues as of late. While there are circumstances that have yet to be defined, I'm sure that a lot of the problem stems from too much stress and not enough self-care. Thankfully, because I'm a health coach, I simply sat down with myself and figured out a plan of attack to get things back on track. Among many other things, I've decided to return to a mostly raw diet. I always feel my best when I'm eating raw, as long as my restrictions aren't so strict that I can't have a bowl of soup when I'm cold. For me, a good balance is a 60/40 raw to cooked ratio. However, that means that my favorite oatmeal is now only an occasional treat.

So what's a girl to do? Break out the chia seeds!


chia seeds coconut milk [I used So Delicious, not technically raw, but worth the time saved not opening coconuts.] gala apple [or your choice], chopped 1-2 dates, pitted & chopped raw walnuts maple syrup cinnamon

Because I like to play with the consistency of my chia pudding, I no longer use exact measurements. To duplicate this recipe: cover the bottom of the bowl with chia seeds, pour in coconut milk to cover the seeds thoroughly, add in a few shakes of cinnamon + a drizzle of maple syrup & stir until thickened. If the pudding seems too thick or chunky add in more coconut milk to achieve your desired texture*. Top with apples, dates, walnuts, & a few more shakes of cinnamon.

*The chia seeds will absorb an astonishing amount of liquid so don't be afraid to over pour...if you go a little overboard, just add more seeds.

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