Wellness Wednesday: Sunny Bunny

Did you know the simple act of smiling improves your mood?So does playing with pets and doing good deeds.

So this Wellness Wednesday, I'm encouraging you to do all three:

1. Take a look at my sister's cute pet bunny, Tombi, dressed up as a sunflower.

2. Smile because she's adorable [and oddly content to be sitting in the flowers for this photo].

3. Click on the photo to go vote for Tombi in the Monster Cute Photo Contest. She's made it into the top 25 all on her own, but she needs your help to win! You can vote once a day everyday from now until October 29th.

Bonus do-gooder action: the prize money will help my brother-in-law, Cody, pay for vet school so thousands of other bunnies like Tombi can remain healthy & happy in his care.