Thankful Thursday 10/25 - 11/8

This week, I'm thankful for:

The re-election of my favorite president! I myself was an absolute wreck waiting for the election results and I could not have been happier with the outcome. I know many people have their doubts about him, but I truly believe that Barack Obama is exactly what our country needs right now. I have so much love for that man that my heart is overflowing. I mean, have you seen his heartfelt thank you to his supporters? ♥ My homemade halloween costume. Because I missed out on posting Thankful Thursday last week, I didn't get to show off my $12 thrift store costume. Nick went as Rick from The Walking Dead and I was Alice from Resident Evil [who needs a couple's costume when we can both be zombie hunters?]. My cut off slip wasn't a perfect imitation of Alice's asymmetrical red dress, but it still got the point across. ♥ My own personal juice revival. A few months ago, I started juicing like crazy and it was awesome. My energy improved, my skin started to glow, and I actually looked forward to my daily cup of green. However, as the weather cooled down, I started craving a warmer start to my morning. I've slacked off quite a bit on my liquid sunshine as of late and it's time for a revival. I still may not juice every day [it gets pricey, after all], but I can at least fit it in a few times a week. Bonus: it gives new purpose to our recycled bottle collection [like the one above from Argo tea, doesn't it look great as a re-purposed travel bottle?]. ♥ New, pink & girly office supplies. I have an addiction to office supplies. I honestly feel a surge of productivity when I'm surrounded by supplies that visually please me [read: pink & girly], so I indulge myself on occasion. This week's treats included a sparkly journal and polka dot dry erase markers.

What are you thankful for this week?