Make Something Monday: Hydroponic Window Farm

As I pondered what to post for Make Something Monday tonight, the sound of my boyfriend teaching his monthly class on urban window farming drifted in from our living room. That's when I realized that the perfect [albeit unusual] topic for today's post was right under my nose [or, rather, right in my ears]: making a hydroponic window farm. blue glass window farm

What's a hydroponic window farm, you ask? Perhaps I should let The Green Suite's teacher himself [aka my live-in-love, Nick Conrad] explain:

When I first stared window farming over a year ago, I knew nothing about gardening or hydroponics. I did know that the idea of free, fresh, 100% organic food sounded awesome! After some research and lots of trail and error, I learned how to turn a handful of seeds and a few recycled bottles into a thriving garden.

Window farming is exactly what it sounds like. It is a vertical, hydroponic garden that grows right in your window. This method is perfect for an urban setting because you can grow a lot of plants in a small space. Plants grown in a hydroponic system grow larger and faster than those grown in soil and they don't require access to a backyard.

One thing that almost all window farms have in common is that they incorporate recycled materials (plastic or glass bottles) into their construction. This not only keeps the cost down but keeps garbage out of the land fill. Win win right? Most window farmers scavenge for parts  or save items from their own recycling to create their systems. Parts that cannot be scavenged (such as pumps, tubing, and lightbulbs) are easily found in hardware stores, pet stores and sometimes even thrift stores, if you're lucky.

For those who wish to expedite the process, it just so happens that I have several kits available for sale on my website. They are glass bottle kits of my own design which come in several colors (blue, green and brown). Each kit includes a free instructional video to help you with the installation and get you started.

Window farming has changed the way I look at food, improved the way I eat and given me the self satisfaction of knowing that I can provide my own food. So what are you waiting for? Start growing your own food today! You won't regret it.


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