Out with the old, in with the new.

Happy New Year, lovely readers! I must confess that January 1st may be my favorite holiday.

I'm a sucker for a clean slate, making lists, and planning for a bright, new future...and having an excuse to spend the day in my PJ's after a night of champagne isn't too shabby either.

2012 was an exciting year for me, full of learning and growing, but 2013 has even bigger changes in store...more on those as they unfold.

In the meantime, here's a look back at my favorite highlights from the past year:

January 2012:

Rang in the New Year with Nick & some lovely friends.

nye 2012

February 2012:

Dyed my hair pink for Valentine's Day. It suited my look, personality, & mood so well that I've kept it that shade ever since.

pink hair 2012

March 2012:

Started my business, Health Happiness & Hula Hoops, & signed my very first client...my mother.


+ Nick & I celebrated 2 years of dating.

two years 2012

April 2012:

Upgraded from waiting tables at a greasy spoon omni-diner to the infamous [&, more importantly, vegan] Chicago Diner.


May 2012:

Had my blog [& Nick's sweet potato tacos] featured on the Daiya Foods recipe roundup. [Thanks again, Daiya!]

daiya blog 2012

June 2012:

Discovered the wonders of green juice.

green juice jars

July 2012: 

Turned 28, celebrated in style, then immediately started a week-long juice & smoothie fast.

birthday dress 2012

August 2012: 

Played bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding.

bridesmaids 2012

September 2012:

Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with an AADP certification & helped my mother lose a total of 26 lbs during her 6 month program!

karen's 5.5 month transformation

October 2012: 

Taught my very first Sugar Blues Workshop on how to deal with sugar addiction & find healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

sugar blues 2012

+ Participated in Vegan MoFo.

pink vegan mofo

 + Had my first freelance health & wellness article published over at The Nest.


November 2012:

Celebrated 2 years as a vegan.

a sugary celebration is in order.

+ Nick & I held our 2nd annual vegan friends-giving feast.

thanksgiving 2012

December 2012: 

Set sail on a beautiful Caribbean cruise to attend the wedding of another close friend.

bahamas 2012

+ Got snowed in for a few days in Indiana during Christmas.

snowed in 2012

+ Rang in the New Year at home with friends, good food, & 20's style clothing.

nye 2013

What are your best memories from 2012?

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