Quick Bite: 5 Ingredient Choco-Peanut Butter Apple Dip

I have a new snack addiction that has me hoarding apples from my boyfriend so we don't run out. Funnily enough, it all started with a jar of not-so-creamy peanut butter...you see, I like my PBJ's to be smooth & creamy so I never buy the crunchy variety. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I opened up a jar of Whole Foods creamy peanut butter to find it had the texture of a gravel road. [Ok, so maybe it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't what I would call creamy.] Not wanting to spread it on a sandwich, but not wanting the jar to go to waste, my new favorite fruit dip was born.

Inspired by my favorite childhood snack, this dip is for the indulgent snacker only. The measurements are small because this isn't the type of stuff you eat straight off the spoon, but it's divine to dip your apple slices in. I haven't tried any other fruit yet because the juicy, crisp flavor of the apple so perfectly balances out the rich thickness of the dip, but feel free to experiment on your own with other fruits & report back your findings.

choco-pb apple dip


1 tsp cacao powder 1 tbsp maple syrup 3 tbsp peanut butter a sprinkling of Enjoy Life chocolate chips optional: up to 1 tbsp So Delicious coconut milk

In a small bowl [or teacup, if you're brave that you won't get messy with your stirring], combine cacao, maple syrup, & peanut butter. Depending on the starting texture of your peanut butter [mine was quite thick], you may want to add in the optional coconut milk to reach optimal dip consistency. I'll let you decide what that means. Top with chocolate chips. Enjoy with apple slices. Try not to get addicted.