Testimonial Tuesday: Hazel Hellbender

On account of a day full of cupcake baking for the boyfriend's birthday, I'm a few hours late for Tuesday, but nevertheless, here's a lovely testimonial from my former client & sexy burlesque dancer: Hazel Hellbender! hazel hellbender testimonial

"Being a performer takes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional energy...especially in burlesque. It takes a lot of confidence to show off your body. After all, that's what the audience responds to, not a dancer's particular body type, but how happy she is with that body. 

Before the program, I wasn't in a place to be excited about prancing around onstage in lingerie. Logically, I knew I was at a healthy weight, but I was seriously lacking in the physical energy I needed to perform, not to mention the mental & emotional delight in my physique needed for burlesque. Enter: Michelle! She helped me realize that I'm sensitive to gluten, which was dragging my energy down. After gradually cutting back on that, I felt more energetic in just a matter of weeks. We took small steps throughout the six months so I never felt like I was struggling or deprived. Feeling energetic again made me psyched to get onstage! Performing became a blast and my confidence went way up - not because I lost weight, but because I felt so much healthier.

As a health coach, Michelle is super positive and awesome. She's really good at helping people change their unhealthy habits without judging them or making them feel bad. I recommend her to anyone whose health could use a boost - Michelle helped to (kindly and gently) kick my butt from 'not-too-bad' to 'FABULOUS'!"

Want to take your own butt from not-too-bad to FABULOUS? Contact me for a free health consultation & we'll make it happen!

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