How to Make $50 [and Be a Great Friend] Without Even Trying

I'm so excited to announce my newest Health Happiness & Hula Hoops project: The Friendly Favor Referral Program [or How to Make $50 Without Even Trying]Recruit Your Friends to Join My Healthy Army!

Recruit Your Friends to Join My Healthy Army!

Here's how it works:

First, think of all the lovely ladies in your life that could use a healthy boost. Maybe your sister needs help losing that baby weight or your best friend needs more energy for her new job, whatever the situation, you can help! ♥ Next, tell those friends about my health coaching services. You could say something like:

Hey, I know you've been having some issues with [insert health problem here] and I follow this health coach/blogger on [insert social media platform here] that seems like she could help. She even has some awesome testimonials from sexy ladies like you who loved her six-month program. Check out her website at or visit her blog at to see what you think.

Then, "like" the Health Happiness & Hula Hoops facebook page. Believe it or not, this part isn't just about whoring myself out for likes, it's about letting you know when and how to collect your reward. Once readers start to refer their friends through this program, I will announce the reward recipients on my business page's wall. There will also be a photo announcement of awards in a gallery labeled "Referral Rewards," just in case you miss it on the timeline.

So, what are the rewards?

♥ For every friend who completes a free health history consultation, you will receive a free Health is Beauty sticker. ♥ For every friend who signs up for 6 months of health coaching, you will receive $50!* 

There's no limit to how many friends you can refer. The more friends you help out, the more money you can make [or, at the very least, the more stickers you'll have to decorate your iPad]!

*Reward payments will be made via Paypal or online transfer once the first half of your friend's program has been purchased. Depending on the payment plan chosen, this could be immediately after they sign up or at the program's three-month marker.

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