My Love Affair with Sex & Fashion

As every women's magazine on my Facebook feed has reminded me this morning, today is the 15th anniversary of the first episode of Sex and the City. On June 6, 1998, when Carrie & co. graced HBO viewers with their presence for the first time, I was 13...not exactly viewing age for a series with "sex" in the title. However, that didn't stop me from sneaking into the living room to watch while my parents were away. sex and the city marathon

15 years later, I own every single season & no longer have to hide my viewing habits from my parents, but I'm just as obsessed with the relationships, writing puns, and fashion of everyone's favorite NYC foursome.

So, in honor of this anniversary, I'm taking a trip down memory lane with an afternoon DVD marathon and a list of my favorite moments from the closet of Carrie Bradshaw.

Fashion Favorite #1: The Infamous Tutu tutu copycat

In all honesty, I feel that my love of this outfit has less to do with it's iconic status and more to do with a love for all ballet-inspired fashion. After 12 years in tights, I have a special nostalgia for anything that makes me feel like I might be going to dance class. This outfit [and my personal copycat version from H&M] fits the dancing bill.

Fashion Favorite #2: Pearls & An Engagement Ring

pearls and a diamond ring

As a girl who only has the chance to put on a dress once in a blue moon, I'm all for dressing up my casual wear. That's why I love this combination of layers of pearls over a simple tank top. And thank you, Carrie Bradshaw for making bra straps fashionable. Also, I loved Carrie's unconventional way of wearing her engagement ring from Aiden around her neck. Unfortunately, due to how things ended on the show, it's now become a symbol of not wanting to get married. Even still, I applaud the originality of the idea.

Fashion Favorite #3: The Feather Dress

feather dress

As much as I admire the pouffy skirts and hourglass lines of the 60's my body is best suited for the streamlined fashions of the 20's & this dress certainly has that 20's feel. I actually own a dress from Forever 21 that has a similar look to this one. I referred to it as my "Sex and the City dress" for years until it showed up on an extra in the background of the first SatC it really is my Sex and the City dress.

Fashion Favorite #4 & #5: Casual Carrie

headscarf & heels

dress jeans and sweater

Perhaps the closest to my own personal style, I love how Casual Carrie always looks pulled together, even when she's slightly disheveled. Her secret: accessories. Pair any casual look with the right necklace, headscarf, or shoes & it becomes understated style. And once again, I blame SatC for being okay with my bra showing at any given time. 



Fashion Favorite #6: Thigh Highs & a T-shirt Dress

thigh highs

When I first started dating Nick, this was my favorite dress up/date night look. Being the short girl that I am, a long t-shirt easily doubles as a dress & "over the knee" socks become thigh highs. My wardrobe is essentially double that of someone a few inches least that's what I like to think. Unfortunately, I rarely wear outfits like this out without a male escort. Something about that strip of thigh being exposed makes the catcalls more frequent when navigating the city alone.

Now excuse me, but I have several hours of DVD's to watch while fantasy shopping for shoes online. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this gorgeous sight:

via Pinterest

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