Make Something Monday: A Healthy Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latte [Vegan]

Last Wednesday was my 29th birthday, which meant a lovely dinner at Karyn's on Green, followed by an evening of vegan desserts with friends and several rounds of Pac-man & Frogger at our local beercade. Needless to say, much fun was had. But more importantly [or at least more relevant to today's post], celebrating a birthday meant receiving a free drink from Starbucks thanks to my trusty rewards card.

starbucks green tea latte iced

As I watched the barista prepare my venti iced soy green tea latte, I observed how incredibly easy it looked: ice, soy milk, & Starbucks' special blend of matcha powder & way too much sugar were added to my cup, followed by a vigorous shaking.

"I could do that," I thought, "and with much healthier ingredients too."

So tonight, I did. And it was delicious.

homemade vegan starbucks green tea latte

No soy. No sugar. Just healthy, green tea goodness.

Ingredients 1 tsp loose matcha powder approx. 2 c. So Delicious coconut milk [or your favorite soy-free, non-dairy milk] 4-6 ice cubes agave nectar to taste [I used 2 healthy drizzles, swirled around the jar]

In a 16 ounce lidded jar, combine ice, matcha powder and just enough coconut milk to fill container, leaving about an inch below the rim. Place lid on jar & shake vigorously until all ingredients are combined and a healthy foam forms at the top. If the matcha powder starts to clump slightly, stir about with a spoon until dispersed, then add desired amount of agave & shake one last time. Enjoy while relaxing at home with a baked good or re-place the lid & take it with you to-go [just like the real thing!].

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