Welcome to Vegan MoFo 2013!

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Hello, Vegan MoFo-ers! If you're new to this blog, be sure to take a moment to look around. You can learn more about my interests + meet the loves of my life in the About section, read my professional wellness ramblings under the heading labeled Articles, or buy a "Health is Beauty" sticker by clicking on the Shop tab. health is beauty sticker

And speaking of my Health is Beauty motto, that's actually the theme for all of this month's MoFo posts! That means you can expect plenty of healthy recipes for glowing skin, video reviews on my favorite vegan beauty products, and a few twists on the usual girly blog posts about fashion & fun.

While I don't keep a strict blogging schedule, here are some of the themes you can expect to see in this month's posts:

Make Something Monday - Started when Mondays were my free day to do with what I wished, I used to post a new recipe every Monday. These days, Mondays are reserved less for baking & more for health coaching, but I'm going to do my best to revive this tradition in honor of Vegan MoFo.

Relish Tray - A play on the word relish, as in "to enjoy," these posts are little blurbs about vegan products or restaurant dishes that I've enjoyed.

Thankful Thursday - Because gratitude is important for any truly healthy lifestyle, I like to do at least one public post of the things I'm thankful for each week. I encourage you to do the same & share your favorites over on the Michelle Shea Walker [the blog] facebook page.

Dinner & a Movie - Inspired by the "TV Tuesday" prompt over on the Vegan MoFo blog, I've decided to incorporate a segment I call Dinner & a Movie. During these posts, I will share some of my favorite beauty-themed movies with you, accompanied by a vegan recipe that fits the theme.

Beauty Vlogs - Due to the popularity of my first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box review, you can expect to see many other video reviews soon. Wanna see them before anyone else? Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to be the first in line.

And finally, if you follow me on instagram & twitter, I'll be starting a Health is Beauty project there called #KaleEveryDamnDay in which I promise to [you guessed it!] consume at least a serving of kale every damn dayYou see, kale is not only a powerhouse of nutrients, but it's a beauty addict's dream! It's my health coaching secret to quick, glowing skin: eat a shit-ton of kale. Three servings a day is rockstar, but even if you can only fit one in, you'll still notice a difference. Therefore, I challenge you, dear readers, to join me in my MoFo efforts to eat kale every damn day this month & photograph the evidence. You can tag your post w/ my handle: @michelleshea & #KaleEveryDamnDay.

Let's get glowing!

xoxo, msw-logo P.S. As a special treat for my fellow vegans during MoFo month, I'm offering 10% off all of my health coaching services for anyone interested in or currently living a plant-based lifestyle. If you're interested in taking advantage of this offer, please email me at michellesheawalker@gmail.com for more details. :)