Reiki Level One Training
6:00 pm18:00

Reiki Level One Training

  • The Pink Apartment

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing art that involves gentle hand placement on large energy centers of the body to smooth out imbalances, create deep relaxation, and bring emotions back into alignment. Reiki has been shown to have physical benefits such as pain management, improved digestion, and deeper sleep after a healing session. The mental benefits are vast and far reaching, but often include reduced anxiety, elevated mood, and an overall feeling of relaxation. 

During this Reiki Workshop you will be attuned to conduct Level One Reiki energy to yourself and others. Once attuned, you will be able to give Reiki to anyone in your life who wishes to experience increased relaxation and improved overall wellbeing (and really, isn't that all of us?). You will also learn what to expect from the 21 day energy cleanse that will follow your attunement, working to release negative energy and balance out in your own chakras. 

During this workshop you will study the history of Reiki, real-world applications for this healing art, and receive hands-on practice time with your fellow trainees.

Provided: Training Packet & Binder
Bring: Pen & Paper + an easy snack for sustenance

Reiki Level Two Training
6:00 pm18:00

Reiki Level Two Training

  • The Pink Apartment

**Must be Reiki Level One certified to participate.**

During this second level Reiki attunement and class, you'll learn how to use traditional Reiki symbols to strengthen your healing energy, how to send Reiki long distance to others, and tips on finding and working with paying clients. 

Bring a pen, paper (if you don't like writing in margins), & a small snack. 
Informative booklet provided.

Manifestation Friday Night: Intro to Manifesting
7:00 pm19:00

Manifestation Friday Night: Intro to Manifesting

  • The Pink Apartment


You may not know it yet, but you are a powerful maker of magical occurrences. Have you ever been thinking of a friend only to have them call at that very moment? Decided to buy a pair of red shoes only to start seeing red shoes everywhere? It's because your magical thoughts are creating your reality and drawing more of the things you focus on into your life.

Want to learn to grow this power even stronger? In this 4-week, 2-hour Friday night get together, you'll learn the basics of manifesting and how to attract your dreams into your life on a consistent basis. You'll also act as a fabulous support for your fellow manifesting group members, increasing the positive vibrations around your own goals as well as theirs & creating extraordinary strength in numbers.

Walk away from your Manifestation Friday Night experience with a better understanding of the law of attraction, a magical sense of community, and your own personal manifestation mantra made into an iPhone-friendly wallpaper for your lock screen.

or email Michelle to request a class date.

What People Are Saying About Manifestation Friday Night:

"Nothing short of amazing! If you are trying to bring anything into your, a new man, car, job, house, etc...this course will give you the tools to create it!"
-Meghan M

"A great environment filled with posive energy and positive people."
-Kelley G

"Michelle is lovely...she walked us through specific aspects of how to both feel and call in something we currently desire. A wonderful experience!"
-Camille V

"Have you ever needed to reframe how you think about things? This is the perfect workshop for you! This class is great for an emotional boost!"
-Dena S

"Great energy and positivity!"
-Camille M