Enchantments: A Spell to Call Back Your Power

As a #ModernDayMagicMaker, I believe that we each have a natural guidance system directing us to the keys used to unlock our own personal brand of magic.

Because of this, I often find myself a bit lost when it comes to the more traditional methods of witchcraft. “Spells” in my book can be anything from an affirmation to a prayer to just talking out loud to your guides* about your wishes and dreams.

That being said, the Universe often provides us with the things we don’t even know we need. So a few years ago, one of my favorite tarot readers recommended I try out a spell that was so damn delicious I still use it regularly to this day.

Originally from the blog of sorcerer Aidan Wachter, I’ve re-remembered and repurposed this chant over the years to unconsciously make it my own, most commonly done after a full moon bath for optimal cleansing.

Like most spells, the power of this one comes from speaking the right words to shift your energy away from disenchantment and towards empowerment.

Semantics being what they are, feel free to rewrite the words in any way you need to make it your own.

*Note: there is a reference to guides in the final portion of this spell so if that word doesn’t resonate for you, feel free to call to mind a spirit posse of your own understanding: angels, passed loved ones, the bad-ass spirit of David Bowie holding together the cosmos…whatever works for you.


A Three Part Spell to Call Back Your Power

Instructions for Use:

Apply liberally to heal broken hearts, childhood wounds, or general feelings of powerlessness in our modern world.

What You’ll Need:

Just a quiet room & your own powerful voice (but if you want to add a sparkly Lush bath bomb and a tub of water into that equation, I highly recommend the results.)

What You’ll Say:

Part One: “I forgive myself my failures. I forgive every last one of them. Past, present, & future.” (repeat 3x’s total)

Part Two: “I call back my power, I call it all back. That which I gave away, that which was lost, and that which was taken from me. As is, as was, as will be.” (repeat 3x’s total)

Part Three: “I thank my guides for their protection, guidance, love and support. As is, as was, as will be.” (repeat 3x’s total & be open to any current messages on deck)

To close things out from the tub version of this practice, watch the water drain fully as you release your past and embrace the powerful future that’s rightfully yours.
Be sure to handle it with care. <3

Michelle Shea Walker